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Connect With People Who Share Your Interests Effortlessly!
What makes MyWeedSocial so special is that it’s a revolutionary approach to conventional social media
platforms! Our goal is to offer every medical marijuana user the chance to connect with other people, discuss
interesting topics and find new medical doctors, stores or services!
A Brief History Of MyWeedSocial
This innovative social media platform is the brain-child of two people who wanted to connect with other
medical marijuana users without the restrictions of conventional social media and enable everyone to
discover new products, services and useful content. After many sleepless nights and a lot of trial and error, we
managed to design this user-friendly social media platform and it’s your turn now to find like-minded people
and broaden your horizons!
Join A Community Of Fun & Interesting Medical Marijuana Users & Doctors!
MyWeedSocial will give you the chance to:

  • Connect With Like-Minded People, Discuss Fun Topics & Meet Other Users In Your Area
  • Explore New & Interesting Content Regarding Medical Marijuana
  • Get In Touch With Doctors
  • Discover New Trends & Alternative Uses
  • Spend Endless Hours Of Fun

Find Out Everything You Need About Your Favorite Medical Or Recreational Herb!
When it comes to amazing content, fun people and user-friendly design, MyWeedSocial is truly unrivalled. We
take great pride in creating a community of people who want to share ideas, get to know each other and
broaden the boundaries of the cannabis industry!
And The Best Part? It’s Absolutely FREE!
Users can mingle with other people, gain access to the latest information and studies while having fun.
Doctors and stores can reach out to more people and educate them on the subject! And it’s 100% FREE for
both groups!
What Are You Waiting For? Join MyWeedSocial Today & Discover Thousands Of People Just Like You!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer every medical marijuana user the chance to connect with other like-minded people in
his/her area, get to know each other, discuss interesting topics and follow the latest trends and studies in the
cannabis industry. Plus, we want to offer doctors and stores that chance to expand their online presence and
connect with their audience!

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